Slovenski Geocaching klub

Geocaching in Ljubljana

There are many events and activities scheduled for the mega weekend in Ljubljana. but surely you would want to find some caches? We have put together a short guide geocachers of all specialties. Number hunters, statistics cachers, puzzle lovers, even those that would run around the city all day for one long multi,… We have something for everyone.

Additional activities

While the mega event is the highlight of the weekend, to are invited to take part in other activities, that extend the experience of your visit to the event and Ljubljana. The activities are either free or available at a symbolic fee to cover the costs of our partners (but considerably less than booked individually). The number of participants is limited, so book your spot early. Other activities will be added when they become available.

geoLjubljana 2020 vs. Himalayan balsam (GC9R6JA)

Himalayan balsam plant is native to the Himalayas but has spread across much of the Northern Hemisphere by human introduction. It is considered invasive, as aggressive seed dispersal and rapid vegetation enable it to spread quickly and outcompete native plants by dense overgrowth. We will help the City of Ljubljana to clear a heavily affected area on Sunday, June 5, from 9.00 to 11.30.

Meet the local geocachers | Spoznajte naše mega goste

Želimo si, da bi bil naš prvi mega dogodek tudi osebno doživetje. Program dogodkov ni edini, ki zagotovi tako izkušnjo. Velik del pripomorejo medosebni stiki, sploh z domačini. Zato smo razmišljali, da bi obiskovalcem ponudili tudi ta del: spoznati lokalne geolovce in povečati verjetnost, da spletejo nova prijateljstva. Izpolnite kratko anketo, če ste ste si pripravljeni vzeti uro, dve ali celo več časa za druženje z geolovci iz tujine.