Geocaching in Ljubljana

Events are fun, but geocachers also like finding geocaches. The geocaching map of Ljubljana reveals at the first glance that you will have a very busy mega-weekend. There are 51 caches hidden in 1 km around the event grounds  14 traditional caches, 12 multi-caches, 12 mystery caches, 3 EarthCaches, 1 Wherigo cache, and 9 virtual caches (and we are working on providing a Letterbox as well). They will take you to all must-visit points of interest in the city centre like the Old Town and Ljubljanica embankments, Castle Hill, Tivoli Park, Farmer’s market (very lively on Saturday morning), Museum Quarter, Krakovo and Trnovo districts and Roman remains. In this area, you will find 3 of Top 5 most logged caches and 5 of Top 10 most favourited caches in Slovenia, as well as 5 caches from the Slovenian Geocache of the Month list. The oldest caches in the city are on the Castle Hill. There are also at least 9 Adventure Lab adventures with stages in the city centre. 

If you broaden your search area, there are at least 380 caches hidden inside the ring motorway or roughly 6 km around the centre of Ljubljana (the Three Bridges on Prešeren Square), including 100+ tradi trail around Ljubljana.

Find 10 or more different cache types in one day
PST trail: 100+ caches on a 35-km walking/cycling trail
Find 2 of 3 T5 Ljubljanica river caches on our paddleboard tour

Icon run (10+ cache types in a day)

Are you looking for an icon run of finding at least ten different geocache types in one day? You’ve come to the right place! You can find 5 (and possibly even 6) cache types without leaving the event grounds of the National Museum. Including the Locationless Find Signal the Frog® cache. Other cache types are in walking distance. See the list of our suggestions: Missing in the list is a Letterbox cache, but rumour has it that it might appear before the Mega-Event. Don’t forget to attend the Saturday evening event to complete the 10 or 11 icon run. Beyond 11 types, you are on your own.

Forget about icons, I want numbers!

»Mad cacher« section of geoLjubljana 2022 Orga-Team is suggesting you take on PST / Trail Along the Wire. It has 100+ traditional caches (and some extra non-trail caches along the way) and circles Ljubljana on the 35-km walking/cycling trail following the layout of the barbed-wire fence that enclosed the city during the WW2 for 1172 days. The trail is divided in sections A-F, each maintained by different geocacher (that meet to discuss maintenance issue every Friday near #F20). All caches have been inspected and fitted with new logbooks in recent days.

North of the city, you can find Povodje trailMenges – Rasica trail  and, a bit further out, Torovo-Voglje trail with its extensive tree-fishing (Biltema) #52-73 section. We should also mention Škofja Loka, a lovely old town with caches and trails around it (POG trailZamorček trail and Lubnik trail).

Trail po Ostrovrharjevi poti east of the city is not very well maintained, but it might be worth a visit because of the interesting Millstones Quarry EarthCache and wild blueberries that might be abundant along the trail.

South of the city, you will find the new LJ tekači geo-art from Urh to Orle and older Čemšeniška grajska pot trail that is always in great shape. Further out of the city, look for Angry Bear trail to the summit of Mt. Krim (1107 m), the prominent mountain in the southern skyline.

What about physical/mental challenges?

There are real geocaching challenges in the centre of Ljubljana. Can you find the long multi-caches Kričač/Shoutbox or Ljubljana’s fountains and wells? Both can take you all day. Or you could be the First to Solve and/or First to Find the Search mystery? Do you have the patience to grind through 50 puzzling steps of Fisher’s 50 or figure out the identity of mystery persons in Rock’n’Roll v vsako slovensko vas? Can you solve Puzzle Cache or even Puzzle Cache 2? And using some logic, you can surely solve and log the Railway Museum.

Ljubljanica river is tempting with three T5 caches that (sensible) geoachers can only access by boat. Or by paddleboard, if they take part in our group trip (book 11.00 or 13.00 trip) to Three Bridges cache, hidden on the river in the heart of the Old Town.

For other physical challenges, look for many T5 tree caches around the location of the Early Bird event (or hike to the summit of Šmana gora hill nearby). Venturing into the canyons of Iška and Zala rivers to find Grill Bears and Bear Gills is the ultimate phyisical challenge that will take all day. Don’t do it alone, this is real wilderness with no mobile phone coverage.